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If you’re just starting out in the workforce and actively applying for jobs, you’ve probably noticed that employers are seeking candidates with leadership potential. Each day people are hired or promoted to leadership roles within their workplaces and organizations. If you’re looking to demonstrate your potential as a leader, there are a few activities that can help you advance your skills. Participation in activities that foster leadership can indicate your potential for teamwork and effective communication skills. If you’re looking to establish your leadership abilities, here are some activities to consider. 

Participating in Sports
Sports are a perfect leadership activity that helps to develop skills that can be carried over into the workplace. Team activities allow people to build collaboration skills while working to accomplish a common goal. Leaders can carry their experiences as part of a team over into the workplace. They are better equipped to encourage their fellow employees and to operate as a team member.

Cultural Exchanges
Cross-cultural experiences are another activity that helps to promote essential leadership skills. Workplaces today are full of diversity. Having the proper skills to work with and lead a diverse team is crucial. Activities that allow individuals to experience unfamiliar situations and learn about different cultures can promote effective communication skills. Those in leadership roles could be required to travel overseas for work or even communicate with someone from abroad. Knowing how to handle these types of situations adeptly involves training.

A key component of leadership is initiative. Completing an internship is a sure way to get practical work experience, but it also shows initiative. Part of being a leader is the ability to accept feedback and put it to use. Feedback from supervisors at an internship can help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. 

Showing ambition and drive through volunteer activities is another means of developing leadership potential. Volunteering can demonstrate your commitment to being an agent of change. Leaders have the opportunity to stand up and make a difference instead of sitting back and letting someone else resolve a problem. Volunteer work can show that the person is hardworking and dedicated to a cause that is important to them. 

Civic Groups
Getting involved in civic groups is often a great way to develop leadership skills and give back to your local community. You could gain experience by running for an elected position or chairing a committee. Either way, this type of activity will definitely be impressive on a resume.

While many of these activities can be fun, they can also provide you with collaboration and communication skills that make you more marketable. Companies are frequently seeking employees who have leadership potential. If you are looking to establish yourself as someone with the necessary skills, these activities may be just the ticket.