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Lori Weaver



“You really can’t excel in this career without a strong sense and passion for leadership.” This response, which was promoted by the question of what it takes to excel in real estate, is something that Lori Weaver kept going back to throughout our conversation. To be honest, it’s not difficult to see why, as Lori has built a successful career that is partly upon her emotional intelligence and care for people and partly upon her seemingly intrinsic and intuitive skills in leadership.

Lori is a Luxury Portfolio Specialist in real estate, currently working at John L. Scott Real Estate in the heart of Seattle, WA. “One of the things that drew me to this industry was the opportunity it allowed me to help people find their dream home or vacation property with as little frustration and difficulty as possible. Lori’s career shines through as an example of one that is built on a continual desire to stay ahead of the pack.

“I really find a lot of satisfaction in making sure my clients are emotionally and financially happy throughout their home/property buying or selling experience.” Says Lori Weaver. It’s true, leadership isn’t merely about taking control of any given situation or conversation but rather zeroing in on a client’s unique circumstances and journey and addressing them with a calculated emotional intelligence.

Lori, in her role with John L. Scott, coordinates every detail of the purchase or sale – this includes helping clients throughout the process with cutting-edge real estate technology and understanding of the industry’s constantly changing laws. 

In addition to her love for leadership, Lori Weaver is passionate about entrepreneurship. This is actually one of her favorite parts about what she does, both in regards to her own career and the ability the real estate industry allows her to have when it comes to interacting with entrepreneurial-spirited clients.
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